A Full Guide To Elegant Accent Pillows

A Full Guide To Elegant Accent Pillows

Discover the Secrets Behind an Age-Old Classic

Ornate, high end accent pillows are a mainstay in bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor areas across the world. Minimalistic yet lavish, these pillows are a welcome addition to any space thanks to their striking design, vivid colors, and compatibility with most furniture. As history shows, luxury designer accent pillows are a classic decorative item worth the praise.


Generation Royal is proud to present its decisive guide to high end accent pillows. Our roadmap will delve into the pillow’s opulent history, provide you with a guide to purchasing the correct piece, and inform you of the selection available in our store. Prepare to uncover the secrets you need to know about elegant accent pillows.


From Royal Palaces to Your Couch

The Kingly Story of the Accent Pillow

The first luxury designer accent pillows were thought to be used in Ancient Egypt, Royal China, and Ancient Mesopotamia. As a matter of fact, carvings were discovered that depict Mesopotamian royalty lounging on some of the very first accent pillows. Japan also utilized some form of luxury pillow at the same time.

Ancient Egyptians believed their accent pillows were signs of wealth and status. They soon became an opulent decorative piece that highlighted the luxurious lives of Egyptian royalty. At points, ancient accent pillows were used to transport lavish jewels and display exotic ornamental items. Once the Roman Empire gained control of Egypt, they inherited these traditions of extravagance. 

Elegant accent pillows exclusively became a first-class item in the Middle Ages, when King Henry VIII banned the public from purchasing them. Only Kings and members of the royal family were allowed to display pillows in their homes. Oddly, luxury designer accent pillows were banned for use by anyone in England – except for women who were expecting.

Since the days of old, high end accent pillows have consistently changed. Today, thanks to the miracle of sewing machines, pillows can be adorned with decorative works of art. Centuries after their invention, humankind began filling pillows with synthetic materials such as foam, latex, and polyester – giving us the pieces we cherish today. 

Accent pillows have enjoyed a terrific history, evolving from an ancient symbol of royalty to a classic decorative piece of today.


Choosing The Right Pillow

A Roadmap to Making the Most of A Designer Item

High end accent pillows are a timeless piece. Beyond providing comfort, these pillows can: 

Reflect who you are alongside your carefully chosen décor

Add a pop of color to an otherwise understated home interior

Give you the opportunity to layer your furniture in interesting ways

Accentuate parts of your living room, dining area, or bedroom

A welcome addition to any backdrop, luxury designer accent pillows must be chosen with artistic precision. Here are five things you should consider before purchasing an ageless accent pillow:



  • Color – What color pallet do you want to develop with accent pillows for your bed, or accent pillows for couch use? Are you an introverted person, or do you prefer to be extravagant? Express your sense of style by choosing pillows that maintain the same shade or are complementary with one another.


  • Prints – Accent pillows come in a variety of prints, including stripes, blocks, solid colors, or custom decorative patterns and images. You don’t want to mix clothing with conflicting patterns. Similarly, you do not want to mix pillows with contradictory patterns. The general wisdom of designers is for you to pick a busy print, solid print, and one simple print.


  • Sizing – This ageless item also arrives in a variety of sizes. Generally, pillows should be paired in duos and trios, as they provide symmetry and look appealing to one’s decorative senses. As you move closer towards the middle of your bed or couch, pillows should become smaller to ensure compositional quality.


  • Comfort – Opulent accent pillows are known for their decorative charm, while also being used to provide relaxation. Carefully consider how you plan on using your high-end accent pillows. If you intend to use them for rest and leisure, then you should purchase a pillow with a simple print.



The Rich World of Generation Royal

Enjoy Our Take On A Classic Royal Piece

Generation Royal promises a luxurious experience for households from every corner of the world. Our rich fabric designs are handmade with high-end textiles – with each thread sourced from prestigious global brands. Each piece you receive from us has been carefully crafted to meet regal standards. With magnificent prints, the accent pillows for sale in our digital storefront are indispensable.


Some of the articles we sell include:

Accent pillows inspired by the Brazilian Kayapo tribe

Accent pillows with striking palm tree prints

A variety of ornate single color accent pillows

Accent pillows with stunning prints of leaping cheetahs

Accent pillows inspired by the Kasaï province of the Congo



Feel the immense quality of our accent pillows for sale with every dollar you spend. Acquiring a piece of royalty is simpler than ever with Generation Royal. Click on the link below to email us and enquire about our luxury line. Alternatively, you can visit our website and view our products immediately.

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